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Saturday, July 22, 2017




  United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs .

time loop is a consortium of scientists founded in 2013 with the objective to understand the morgellons disease and announce possible prophylactic solutions to be found in the field of Environmental Medicine.
In cooperation with the Austrian company biopure the consortium created a number of products that - being food supplementary - have the potential to serve as a prophylactical solution for a number of morgellon-related diseases - that normally show up before an outbreak of the morgellons and that have been classified as non-healable:
  • Cryptopyroluria
  • Pathogenic candida
  • Malfunction of the liver
  • Herpes as a secondary symptom serving the extraction of fungus-poisons from the body
  • Lime disease
  • The secondary detox mechanisms neurodermatitis/hay fever/asthma
The morgellons disease can be traced back to transhumanistic technologies. These technologies utilize self-replicating nano-bots that are half biological, half technological units. These units are dependent of a supply of heavy metal compounds to function. While trying to understand this concept, other artificial particles caught our attention. This led us to a new understanding of degenerative old age diseases. While dealing with the complex interaction of mercury poisoning, lack of cooper, piezoelectric nano-particles and heavy metal poisoning we developed a new concept to prophylactically treat the following diseases.
  • Alzheimer
  • Dementia
  • Creutzfeldt Jakob
  • Parkinson
  • ALS
Remedies are about to be released.
Due to the tremendous side effects of antibiotics onto the biochemical environment that have been revealed during our research, the consortium did its best to develop an non-harming alternative to the treatment with antibiotics.
As an answer to the weaponizing of the Spanish flue by the US military the consortium developed a influenza-remedy that is designed to prophylactically reduce the danger of bacteriological co-infections, by moisturization and calming of the mucosa. These co-infections had been the reason for the high mortality of the Spanish flue back in the 20s. Anecdotally, the remedy developed also was used to successfully treat the symptoms of less dangerous influenza-infections.


How have we become willing participants in our own extinction and why is it we don't know how easy it is to stop it? Dangerous Imagination, silent Assimilation is a no-excuses conversation about the social engineering of the twentieth century and how it led to our planet being terraformed almost without our knowledge and what we can do about it.

The side effects of global medical experimentation are devastating and fatal - unless we act ... Morgellon's Syndrome and the use of Sentient Oil,
both of which are being understood deeply and handled.

In this interview with Michael Friedrich Vogt, Harald Kautz-Vella and Cara St.Louis discuss their joint effort to discuss the science behind the blatant chemical poisoning of humanity and the social engineering that has been used to make us beings, who will willingly accept this.

Speaking in Frankfurt Iarald Kautz Vella for "Stands 46"

"I come from Germany and devoted to science half my life and the rest worked as a journalist, writing articles, books, and 1.5 years I worked with film, so I saw a small piece of the world and was able to connect to more complex fields research. I began to relate to environmental monitoring in Norway and there I worked with object the electro-sensitivity for a firm supplying various systems that explain what happens when someone is sensitive to electricity.
When I was there I was asked to do chemical analysis of plants died, the rain that caused the death and also some soil samples. This is because farmers observing that lose significant part of the crop (2012) went to the workshops plants, they got results, but could not understand what it seemed, did not know the meaning of the numbers appearing in the analyzes. So, they have set up me, a little crazy German scientist to explain what all this meant.
Then I entered the field of chemtrails and now, looking in depth their history. It took time to understand the different agendas behind this phenomenon. Why not going for a single. This group will do what is needed to get what he wants. We are talking about a structure-onion, wherein each layer is a sub-group with different interests than another. As are dealing with this structure, the more you discover!
What I try to do is to penetrate into that structure and give your picture from these different agendas. I'd recommend you all to stop scanning the skies to see if what you observe or chemtrail contrail is, because it leads to nowhere. It is fruitless debate and we can not draw conclusions from down here where we are. You can not get material from up there, do chemical analysis. It took me a whole year -a lost time- to do chemical analysis.
When doing a chemical analysis, taking a substance is diluted in acetate and after that the procedure may proceed with the analysis. The remaining material is metal. You do not know what the substance analyze the crystal structure analyze, because everything has dissolved and what is left are minerals. One problem, then, is that you do not see WHAT YOU and the other is that anything that is not necessarily soluble in acids. And as will be seen below in the art analysis is hopelessly acid resistant.
So there is no way to find the secret by chemical analysis.
So two things will avoid to do in my lecture: to see another point of my speech today and to penetrate into the secrets that lead the public to deal with conspiracy theories, because it is true unfortunately isolated as airiness. Watch out! Nobody wants to stay outside the community, nobody wants to be the "odd guy" [and should]. This is the usual argument that people can clog.
This combated only with a few smart moves.
We want to ask about chemtrails. Well, first question: where it comes from the word? So comes from soldiers of the American army or rather the US Air Force, which brought the word in the English language, they had studied at the Academy of Air Forces, following chemical potential lessons in their classrooms.One such class is that of chemtrails.
This faculty, where one learns how to produce chemtrails. So, the question is not whether or OXI the chemtrails. We militaristic technology and we do not know whether or not applicable, but we can study technology, as taught at the university. There is even a manual, about 260 pages to this science, but it is a little hard to read, because it's a test questionnaire. There is not one answer in it, but there are thousands of questions.
If you take and answers to all the questions, then you accumulate knowledge and then only you can see the technology of chemtrails.
The modules with which we are dealing -in the content encheiridiou- are: 
• aluminum cap from plastic, nylon composition (Fibers-fibers) 
• spoofersprays- pseftospreis 
• pyrolesis sprays- producing nano-particles during combustion to supersonic nozzles aqueous solution & fuel additives 

• Spoofersprays

They used to cover aircraft from radar
It is not a secret technology
It is official and by the special services of NATO, attempting maneuvers in the air with their planes, using this technology to hide! This is a part of many in this manual. The other almost half, are more difficult to read and analyze. They speak spreis cracking which produce crystalline nano-particles in the ignition process. This is something which is done in industry when one wants to produce the particular nanoparticles formula and is inexpensive and reliable method.
In both methods described the user: in the first get mineral salts dissolved in water, which is then inserted into the nozzle and thus obtained droplets are transferred to a flame. As water evaporates, the salt form small powder particles. If the flame is high temperature, then they melt and crystallize. Depending on the temperature and the size of the drops, produces crystalline particles, constructs, and all of them contained in the pyrolysis spray.
In the second case no water is used, but ignition liquids such as methane, yes, the US Army is the first choice. So no need nozzle, rather than what is laid on the machines of jets. This is the chemical and technical knowledge that is taught in schools chemtrails.
VOTS, BORGS & HUMANS: TO MELLON now is to wait for 2025?
So we got an idea of what it is, what is this technology, what it does. We do not know if they ever used on a consistent basis, or periodically, eg if used in peacetime or in war. Now, if for example someone projects not YOU want to know, it's good to go to NHS places those people are alone and discuss together -makria from the rest of the world what they are doing. Then you can hear and understand what you are planning.

Unfortunately there is no way to know what really happens. Of course, so I did. I tried to find what is going on behind their intelligence (intelligence services). Once someone makes the mistake leaked an internal document (classified) of NASA -12-15 years before-which appeared just two days into the public domain of NASA, someone discovered and copied. There is of course normal text, but a power point showingspecific terminology. This is the notorious document (see the video). They talk about future warfare technologies, delimiting their use in 2025! He says that "the future is now" but the funny thing is the date 2025 ...
Welcome to 2025! If you get in now, you'll find a number of disturbing statements like: Bots, Borgs & Humans, where: bots- nanorobots, borgs-cyborgs, humans- people not bearing contamination (non affected people)
Katonomazoun even number of technologies to be used in future wars and thoroughly relate to future wars between countries. Waiting for the New World Government, so the war is between it and the ordinary people, citizens !!! Obviously, such a war requires completely different weapons, that and put in a list.There are certain things that only work on nano-particle level.
So what our nano-particles sent in swarms in the air . There is the "smart dust» (smart dust) and nanotechs, are things that easily implanted in the human body, giving opportunity for interested parties to identify people within seconds and read what they think, what they feel and finally there and a puzzling term in the log list: CO-INSECTS OPTIC. Just mention it, because there is in the document, but will be discussed later. They, however, to mention some other things through the document. The display shows that it is legitimate.
They talk about weapons and one of them is the microwave (used in mobile counters, wireless communication). Also surrounded by microwaves penetrate the body and cause various. Naming the effect of such weapons as: * behavioral performance and this decreases * Schizophrenia * great mutation in brain function and * 30-100% increase in blood pressure.
Mortality: * Interaction between low energy micro-watts and brain function. That is, create weapons AGAINST HUMANITY for which NASA is talking freely, projecting them as documents of the future !!!!Imagine now that we keep moving in our heads more than half a day.
They also have the explosive "smart dust ' ideal placement of explosive-dust / air / explosive. Formation"Explosive Lenses' Penetrating deep trenches to target detection and extinction. This powder can be sent and where they want anyway "penetrates" and within the human body. To kill from within. And to identify those who are hiding in shelters. So this is one of NASA document that gives us a rather abstract idea of what could be transferred (airborne) or by air in the future because "the future is now" and is already used today !!!
H next chance to get up to learn what it is to talk to whistle blowers, or informants, and there are not many around, which would disclose facts, as we have for example the Julian Assanz of Wikileaks, which has the same lawyer with Rothchild. That yes, with a huge impact on the media! The hero revealing! And suddenly you discover that you blurt out to their masters, serving them only and not the people. And Snowden what? He tells us that the secret services monitor our calls. But this, we know from 1920 . So just leaked some information all the mainstream media highlight and provide asylum.
And I speak for them, but no I never provided asylum and any newspaper does not publish my own truth.Probably something wrong with them. Sometimes, however, you have informants who did not attract the attention of the public. They, deliver documents very interesting. Such a document that I want to mention and available in Germany because it is written in German and the guy he was technical director of the Institute was working on smart dust (smart dust).
He suffered from cancer and 3-4 months before the kill the damned disease, remorseful for what he had done during his life, he realized that the money they took not worth anything specifically recorded technical characteristics of the project and gave enough information to know the world that all this was true, and those who recorded essentially directed at intelligence (intelligence service).
To name the project on which he worked was the «Rabe Neu» or «Raven New» in English. O man he revealed some details of the project and openly says that the project relates to genetic engineering. The book is presented in video: "Extreme Genetic Engineering An Introduction to Synthetic Biology"

I would like to give you a general idea about the possibilities of genetic engineering at this point. Publicly everyone knows what it is in genetic engineering, therefore, can create DNA (i.e. chain) and can also dividing in half, so have the RNA. Genetic engineering are clever to use the second, because it serves a lot, but does not destroy the race, the next generation. This just love to work, so as to direct the masses, but not destroy the ground. When you look at DNA and RNA, you will find some different features in each.
One of these is that DNA fragments and RNA producing FOS . The technology involved in this process is called optogenetiki (optogenetics) and investigates how cells produce biophotons and bright body of a living being ( light body ). What exactly is the blue print featuring the morphogenetic field , which gives us the structure of "IT", what we are. Thus writing the code that you want to produce, it goes to the printing machine DNA and RNA, so it can then refine each unique key pair structure. Thus, what they do in optogenetiki is to invent and generate small DNA fragments and RNA producing FOS.
Secondarily, as do DNA and RNA, to produce substances. These DNA segments produce e.g. proteins and those building material comprising the body. Also, therapeutic agents and toxins can be produced thereby. The same geneticists say that therapeutic substances are extracted with difficulty from plants and herbs, so they get a small amount of genetic information and delivering to microbes to produce the "remedy" in large quantities. This is medicine.
We therefore LIGHT production on the one hand and production of substances on the other and then, there's a new field of research, they realized that the key pairs can be combined in a chain, that acts like a computer, as a logical element. So if you try to visualize this is like having two phones, where one form numbers and has sound! Each key pair has its own frequency if hit properly opens as an element FOTO-conductivity.

If anyone has therefore a chain of such couples react to different frequencies, you need a sound sequence so as to open all segments and achieve straight connection. Thus produced LIGHT or substances. This is beautiful, in a sense, because if you put this DNA / RNA within the human body, you can get a radio signal or activate a radio signal, it can produce any substance you want and produce whatever you want LIGHT. The FOS is feeling, sense, is EVERYTHING !!!
A substance can do everything with us! Maybe slowly poisoning us or kill us instantaneously and all that is controllable via radio frequencies. Moreover, not triggered by any determination initiator and the late scientist, he said that "we know it's dangerous and why we CODE OFF, eg. Sounds that disable the system." He indicated that this would not be able to be used by other entities !!!
Moreover, it informs us that the technology is airborne (airborne) since 2003 and the recent war in Iraq was done to test the system. This was the sole cause of the war. This is what he told us, and something very important, that he spent half a year and $ 10 million to improve the cluster topology (cluster topology) in the human body. What does? That is like having a virus and want to carry him inside the human body so that it infected.
Moreover, if you have these DNA / RNA complexes, carrying FOS, logic and soul, i.e. an artificial lifeform with intelligence , then whatever the RNA transfer into the human body, with the help of these complexes can be transported as e.g. or an H / PC program or an artificial structure or nonphysical entity !!!! It is this structure may be dispersed throughout the world, but also in the human body. This structure has logic to interfere with light production (in biophotons) as in the production of substances (as poisons) and has the ability to think and make decisions.
This is implied in saying that we need to improve the cluster topology. But it refers directly to the smart dust (smart dust) and all of the above information, as I said, comes from anonymous people-informants who confess before they die. So I go to intelligence services as hardcore scientist but also as a spiritual researcher. So while I had material from informants eventually resorted to a median (woman) who could communicate with dead people.
The scientist describes a session where no less than the late appears immediately in the median, without her knowing details of the questions you wish to put in late and he (the deceased) confesses that he and his colleagues had deceived and that there was finally deactivation code. He stressed that the whole system is based on alien technology and is now out of control. This, says the scientist, the secret services would like to know.

THE LABORATORY ANALYZES telltale signs and wonders
Let's really what we see in the lab. Remember chemical analysis and the information we find. On the one hand we have a kind of track, we find barium, strontium, titanium and aluminum. These metals kill plants, this now know enough and a little over-dosage, a little more than that nature allows. In toxicology we can see that even the slightest nature can not afford such items in greater quantity.
In the era of industrial explosion, many years ago, which was burning clean coal without filters, there is no such implication. So, we had to resort to visual analysis, microscopic analysis of particles found in the rain sample, which is difficult because you need to take thousands of photographs and samples. If you're lucky, getting a sample, you can get a clear analysis component. If you have the whole sample, you will not see anything. A partner then, sat for five years, for six hours a day to send results to finally learn what there is in the rain.
One component is therefore found to be a piezoelectric nano-crystal, this (pointing) is an original sample and here see that it has a sort of magnetization makes the small particles are joined together (piezoelectric property) and the most fantastic synopsis is that such properties were barium, strontium and titanium that are the fingerprint of this we look for. Did aluminum. This nano-crystal is an extreme example of a raindrop falling onto one piece of glass and when placed under a microscope and removing the above glasses, when the blow -as blow and chnotizoume windows in winter and presents specific variations.
So here we see, infra, the nano-crystal exhibit a peculiar structure, used for scalar applications, time-reversing applications , see and scalar waves (scalar waves) and you'll understand. O crystal is highly transparent but absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Is this just the way it affects the plants in the process of cell division, when ultraviolet light hits a viofotonio.
If this particle is located within the plant -through the vrochis- then automatically "gives" instructs cells to divide and thus the plant stops growing . The same phenomenon caused the mad cow disease, as researchers discovered three factors animals died: Lack of copper Too much mercury nanocrystals.
Mercury fills the nervous system, destroying the protective walls of the ribs, the copper deficiency makes nerves are dissolved in the protein chains, the proteins are trying to regroup the system as a physiological response of the organism to the disease, but lack copper unhelpful. Then the body takes the following metals will find, that barium and strontium and begins to build a different protein system based on two metals thus creating an electromagnetic wave antenna. This, by means of nano-crystals, continuously releases electrons.
This is a permanent access to the nervous system of living beings and humans. With these nano-crystals transform our skies lenses that receive and transmit electrical signals and those just described in the manual chemtrails we saw above. In missile technology is widely used and is called IORIZONTAL DRIFT PLASMA ANTENNAS.
Playing with electromagnetic signals by converting the plasma particles in controlled technical units to guide and re-direct all kinds of signals.
If e.g. want to shoot a Russian rocket directed London simply calculates the path and then activates plasma hitting at 10.000 ° C. O rocket melts into the air and explodes. For this purpose there is a need to spray all over Europe. However, as we saw above, there is the second object, tert the nervous system of the human , as this particle plasma related diseases are attempted to disperse via interaction with the human body. Information, aluminum and manganese are contained within the fuel jets, and barium and strontium produced by pyrolysis spray.
In the photo (shows) clearly shown these microparticles form called the whiskers, like starfish and sea urchins or have special ability to attract electrons and hold them there. Thus showing the operation of particle plasma in military technology, wherein barium-strontium-aluminum used to eject electrons, while the aluminum oxide transports long. So the climate we monitor on a daily basis and 2 nano-crystals. This is connected with the medicine, if the low temperature formation, then not using aluminum but manganese (manganese oxide) component that causes flu.
Especially during the winter months found many of these elements in the air and then all run for vaccines to doctors. Germany sold 20 million vaccines in 2014 and when you ask them they say: yes, certainly flu, while only six people were tested to see if indeed they had in their cells influenza virus. All this is simply a theory that has nothing to do with the virus. To run to doctors for vaccination is suicide !!

The next thing you can find in the environmental analysis are morgellons (nano tags) . Yes, if you see these things, are within vaccines and starting from mercury is pure poison, they remove the copper from the body. There is a story about a farmer in organic farming M. Britain, which refused vaccination of animals. None of the animals had not been ill, but because he refused, 10 months later died of brain cancer !!!
So to remember microwaves and their applications, and a presentation on the NASA page on which you mentioned, there is note for nano tags. There are to find people, find where they are and what they think.
The first formal public specification laying of what is, that it is a self-replicating hollow fibers (fibers).They are there to read the luminous trace of the human DNA, converting it to an electromagnetic radio signal detected from satellites and ground-station facilities. So was the connection with chemtrails and the USA. Never mentioned in the book named morgellons, but if you see something like this (shows video with a tomato fiber, where one of them seems to be towed by a human finger approaching) have a tomato after rain and seeing some fibers on her, drawn from human tissue as if the magnet pulls -mas love !!!!
They want to approach us !!! It is an airborne fungus (fungus airborne). If you roll into the UV night, these fungi glow and millions of them in the air like flying. Not every night, but often one can see them. These fungi can easily penetrate the human body and people in their overwhelming majority do not get something. Just act like antennae to send signal, but no one gets sick of these fungi, there are at least visible symptoms. Nevertheless, these fungi do their job, and all of Europe is sprayed, so people already infected.
There is something fatal (repeat), while the human body and can be managed. But some people do not tolerate, so as the fungus grows and multiplies, eventually manifested-excreted in the form of rashes on the skin. Indeed, one can distinguish the color blue or red lumps. Nobody knows where the resulting colors, however, are artificial origin, are not natural.
When the skin is opened, one can see under the microscope as klostitses blue and red floating in the blood. They developed and is more complex than a simple fungus, like organs seem to contain within themselves (picture). They have small red spots and can produce other structures that resemble a froutoeides shape, resembling a mushroom. Obviously this is an artificial seeds case for reproduction, for the next generation!

The most appalling is that containing insect tissue !!
Samples of blood of infected morgellon (photo). Something, then, through this infection makes insectlike characteristics places in the human body. Co-optic insects, I mentioned before? There I go now then. To understand what it is, let's start with the treatment against morgellons, which is simple.
No need to fight with them, just to maintain the natural health of the body. To remove the acids, heavy metals, to heal your liver tired of mercury, as well as worms that grow rapidly from the use of antibiotics, so all this refers back to medical vaccines, antibiotics.
In essence the morgellons protect the body because it gathers up all the acids and heavy metals, while the body allows them to grow. However, it is certainly illness because the morgellons trying to develop, collect more and more quantities of heavy metals and the body will eventually get sick.
Let us now see the device back on this issue: a courageous lady at Harvard University, made the chemical analysis of these fibers in the lab, analyzed the nano-particles and found a number of chemical compounds. It also makes a chemical analysis in colored airborne Morgellons, which as mentioned are fungi that invade blood and reproduced. This is how we come to the question of self-reproducing nanobots, mentioned earlier.
The artificial fibers are sprayed, reproduced, colored in a technical manner, before penetrating into the human body in the manner mentioned, i.e. through the air !!!
When you get the chemical formula of these fiber colors and gkougklareis (shows photo) something very strange happens: a company in Berlin seems to be a subsidiary of a corresponding non-native to the US and do this, that paints such fibers (nanobots)! !! It is indeed very proud to produce quantum dot liquids and quantum dot colors !!! All about transchioumanistiki research !!! In fact, they have a long list of customers, who buy the product and use it in their laboratories.
Use it as the best advertising this (shows posts and explains that all this concern morgellons). All these operate to concentrate FOS produced by as DNA, converting it into readable signal. So, one can take a man and make him nervous, read the anger, to the digitized, put him to an antenna and direct it in 100 unrelated people who are not angry. So, what do you want? Arab Spring; Easy! Simply activate a little anger in the crowd. These are the possible uses of such a system. It looks like a tape recorder.
Record all human experience through color recognize what it contains
Blue is the color of thinking (shows the third eye on the forehead). Red is the color of sexuality. So some can and check the 'I' us, our mind and our sexuality. And if anyone has any questions if it exists in practice, then let's see another victim of morgellons in the US and had this hexagonal fictional crystal inside and under the skin of the chin, it is the Ian Smith (shows photo), which placed under the microscope the particle March 2013 (not shown as hexagonal, but rather rectangular). This thingy directed apomikro-waves.
There are a few more considerations of the disease that is somewhat bizarre: all victims complain that they feel like a bug walking them, while they can not catch or see anything. Only feel. The disease is calledimaginary flea and doctors say that it is sheer madness and give psychiatric drugs to fight.
"I guess they want to keep quiet sheep" says the speaker and what annoys me is these red cells if you look carefully these fungi (morgellons) will find that look like small insects. In essence, they are trained to kill insects. Attack, say a fly, eat them from the inside and then digesting the DNA of the fruit fly, shaping their body in the form of the fly.
They also develop eyes like flies, that shine with the same light shining and morgellons when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, as already mentioned !!! This attracts flies and other infected. This family loves to do this thing. If this bug .. comparable to a human fetus, then we will see that the fungus is very similar to that, but it does not have legs, looks like eyeball (mushroom) and has an insect eye that shines in the center of the head, with known from the entomology hexagonal forms.
Question: what is this kind morpho-arises in these mushrooms? Why definitely not human. And, finally, there is a relationship with this kind with the symptoms that many of the victims of morgellons describe?( Like crawling through and over them like a bug )
We had the chance to work with one of the victims who by chance had clairvoyance (remote viewing) and the ability to visualize these creatures inside his body. Fortunately, he had talent in painting and so I asked him to give image and sketches. (The speaker shows the figure).
If these mushrooms seen leaving the anus in a 28 day cycle, you will notice that they have male and female forms and can locate and sexual organs there and are indicative of arachnids , ie a bulb containing sperm. Ultimately, what looks like mushroom originally, is not ultimately mushroom, but a progressive spider. This is the next generation !!!
When their bodies are eliminated by the body, some people feel that they are losing energy in the waveform starts at the forehead and directed the abdomen and everything anyway born there, stealing Light and energy from the human body and all of this is confirmed by the My university experience where I studied very natural, I am concerned with physical dimensions superiors, familiar with the theory of multilevel spacetime and for me it is very easy to get into the substance of the matter.

Humanity was ready to be taken. We know about the seven heavens and seven hells etc. For me it is easy to deal with the biology of the higher dimensions and the beings who enter there. So when studying the morgellons seems that these creatures using humans to reproduce their kind.
And before these pseudomorphs bodies leave the human body absorb enough biophotons from the front to be taken in parallel dimensions and act invisible longer while they are within the human body. If you have an invisible Being dragged into your body trying to draw energy, then your thought go into a "genius" or a "prince» (archon).
If you look at the descriptions of these rulers, 2400 years before the description of biological texture / their structure is ideal similar to Morgellons. Described as spiders with human faces and there are two different kinds -a close relatives but diaforetikoi- and described as a light interference. Are these typical demons used in black magic. The black magician, communicating with these "lords" and offering them access to natural light body nourishing their victims with their biophotons, namely human energy / power and in return give power. Power over other human beings !!!
Always black magic rituals dealing with this issue. Actually, now we get a first picture you see the political entities that can wreak Morgellons in the air, you see, for example, and the Bush family, and all of them are members of the famous brotherhood "Scull and Bones". Sounds like pure black magic. If you want to see how these "people" are connected, then you must understand the essence "Black goo".

There is a large deposit (reserve) from matter "black goo" [black chlapatsa] Paraguay and there is a village near this tank that the Bush family had a great villa and there are often concentrated many US ranks. A friend who went there to get a sample of this substance realized that Merkel has a villa nearby. So, this substance has shown great value in communication with demons. All this is connected to political-scientific level and mythological level.
We can see what is the essence of pictures under the microscope. (Shows picture of rain sample in Germany, with the strange substance). If you want to know what makes this liquid you can see it in the laboratory, when we have larger quantities of course, but it looks like this (indicating the substance in the video). It seems like liquid crystal (jelly like - chlapatsa). This fluid, self-organized naturally and this time you see it 'sleeps'. It leaves us to observe it. When you do not want, however, you can jump out of the pot, straight to your face. If in a room you have 2 of them and put them 5 meters away from each other, "Look" first among themselves and then decide that they want to join, then "push" behaving as if magnetized to each other, but in fact there some kind of intelligence in them.
Then you realize that you hold the container an intelligent entity, because when you can not escape angryand begins to vibrates the entire tank !!!!! Trying to penetrate the walls and when you manage to jump off container, hastens to join another unparalleled.

This phenomenon can be observed in the laboratory, this substance is derived from mining through these stones (shown in photo). In World War II, in abandoned underground facility, in Bavaria found half a ton of them and imagine that the SS should be very involved with them and found ways to mine the essence Black Goo through them.
If you see them through the descriptions of HP Lovecraft, you will find that the if. Europe has such monuments of black stone and black magicians go there, slaughtering babies, earn demons through the stones and can thus get the services of demons. When you go back in history, these stones found in Turkey, in Rome, while we can see in Turkish and English coins. Located on the right and left of the tree of life in Paradise .
So communicating with Black Goo, man caused the isolation of Paradise (ie magic). It is easy to understand the essence of the matter because the first time we see this essence we discover that there are two different qualities. We have the substance in liquid form which has been identified south of the Falkland Islands hence the war with Argentina, to get Black Goo. So we have earthly origin Black Goo, Gulf of Mexico and is due then the ecological catastrophe.
Someone torpedoed the seabed, destroying the mining company responsible from mother earth and then we had 8 military submarines in the Gulf in order to capture part of this "oil", after the deep water horizon was destroyed. No citizen is not allowed to approach the shore to remove the stain. Only qualified military personnel with special equipment had access to the point, with special uniforms to not be exposed to the substance and contaminated.

The first quality comes from Mother Earth.
Then there is the second quality inside the meteorite material. If you see the Arab mythology, the rock of the Kaaba in Mecca, is a meteorite. Even in the church of St. Peter's in Rome, there is a similar black stone. And if you look at all the medieval churches of Europe have their inputs a black stone. You understand, by entering into such a church, why do not you feel no love, but anger and fear God. Most are shivering, coldness and dread what you feel. Watch out! Always at the center, supporting the structure of the whole building, above our heads.
So we must realize that these two grades Black Goo: one comes from the stern earth and the other from the outer space !!!
The first is called Santan and Oil because it is full of compassion. When you come in contact with this oil, you feel love and compassion.
In the second case, the Meteor Black Goo, your heart "goes out" and become an insensitive moron.
After one of my first contact with this type of substance, I almost kill the director of a hotel, which is supposed to be catalysed after an exhausting day. But something went wrong, there was no room so I went to a bathroom in the room of my friend to sleep after in a car. I received comments from the lady and I attacked so vehemently to the director, who will almost kill of my nerves. What do the stones from space to people.
We must understand what is the mode of Black Goo, so resorting to chemical analysis. So it is mineral oil with other ingredients (contents) which have a high content of gold and iridium (predominantly alchemical elements), which are valuable minerals in M-mode, which some say that this is the anti-matter. Some bind with super-conductive qualities. What we do know is gold and iridium are physical elements known from biology.
If you look to DNA, it forms empty places between the helices and one can deposit mono-atomic gold and iridium components and fit there perfectly absorbing LIGHT. The DNA is the energy field that stores and emits outwardly beyond. But gold and iridium attract photons at these points. This is why aging.
The body produces minerals in M-mode until our 18 years after the waste. The situation leaves M, disconnected from the morphic field, so we lose our form and we age. This accounts for the fact that the Egyptian priests brings themselves to this M-mode and even states that managed to reach the age of 800 years. So there is a relationship between the LIGHT-level function of the human being, and the functioning of the Black Goo in the bowels of the earth in a way that we share, that divides, while we are unique entities that communicate with speech or telepathy and in a way coming and going from generation to generation.
But, the way we process the FOS is job Black Goo, a quantum-mechanically. This is a bright phenomenon.Thus I obtained a theory -because I can not apodeixo- namely life resulting in the planet when water and carbon dioxide formed this substance, which subsequently gave birth. This is reproduced in the laboratory. This type Black Goo finds a way out of the bowels of the earth in oceans-this is what is calledblack smoker located in the depths of the oceans and many geologists say there life arose.
Because of repeated lifestyles began to vary when the first simple life forms could be produced when something like this occurred generations and individuals. This is the personalization process. But the point is that the light production process occurs in incremental scale, so the distance does not count. We can penetrate the material without interaction, so -in my own Theory that this process created, the entire biology of this planet on its surface associated with the earthly Black Goo you imagine this function like a mirror, thinking about anything , what you feel, what is produced in the human body, it is automatically sent to the interior of the earth, so that we have a fractal of "similar" to the center of the earth, who knows everything and remembers everything, what happened in its history.
Perhaps this is the "location" of so-called ACCAS file and is what gives instinct in the global biosphere.People connect, communicate with this entity say that this is a wonderful being, a mother being, with all the textures of such a loving being. I have relevant experience with this being, because when you're dealing with the Black Goo, or have to kill yourself, or need to log in.
Many people who were associated with this entity describe how react. When one has first contact with this parent entity, excited with the contact, she asks him "what you want". The other, not concentrated, various answers while she insists on her question. "YOU WANT?" And when they understand that the other is neither intended target in question, says "Sorry I'm busy, come when you're ready to say what you want !!!" It is very agapisiara and very straightforward.

Theory: What happened when extraterrestrial "Black Goo" came on the planet.
It is very likely chronology 80.000 PK to be the most likely, as related to the destruction of Lemuria continent. Of course, this is all theoretical. People who support the theory of reincarnation and say they lived there, remember the time of extinction of the continent, when a huge meteorite hit the earth and say it contained the Black Goo. Also, they say that there was invasion and residents of meteorite on Earth, a species sought asylum from the human race, because it was hunted.
After some time, however, people realized that those who begged for asylum and were given the same time began to manage the subconscious of the Earth. The even brought in a very bad state of being, so as to control mankind and to feed energy from it. They then relayed by people who retain memories of that distant era. Take it as you want. Fantasy or not admissible or not, people have "memories" of past lives and me at least, to help in my research and this gives me a sense of confidence when I hear them.
It is also something else very interesting about the places identified black goo and call it double or triple life. The sense of the formulas of this substance are very different. On one hand we have compassion and love and the other cold, unconscious feeling. If you see the scalar fields, if for example consider the mandala will see that we are dealing with angular relationships. If you look at the physics of scalar fields and the way that the scalar waves interact, find a mutually coverage at specific angles, right, 30 degrees, 60 degrees. Among them, there is chaos and disorder.
If we go to look under a microscope a fiber morgellon will see that presented very strange images. We study a substance not know what it is, but let's see what it does. If we reach out a finger near her, bioenergy emitted from it is reformed into a rectangular form. And it seems that here we have a fight two bioenergy systems, one rectangular and one against (human), which between them have angular relationships 30 and 60 degrees.
If you now see the topic "smart dust" that is how the military to sow a gradient scale, you will find that you always use two antenna installations to face waves created in order to get scalar energy into the fields. Here, of course, we have a rectangular shape of 90 degrees. I know many people who oppose the militaristic plans as well as those of intelligence, constantly dealing with the issue, exploring how to "break" these technologies.
There is a warning in the NASA manual, in which no less than warn "not even think to do something, because your thoughts are detected and re-directed against you through morgellons». However some people with special abilities such as clairvoyance, managed and penetrated into these fields and destroyed. I meditated and myself on the subject, if I would feel differently if I looked at the heavens and indeed, when there were no sprays, felt the angular relationship of the scalar field again, which translates into love.
I will now try to give you an overview of smart dust.
Which of course looks and how they work and the different agendas that are behind. Thus, with the source HAARP sow our skies barium and strontium, titanium and aluminum which is transferred to human DNA and then compose RNA, Morgellons and quantum dots. The whole system 'pass' virtually Black Goo in order to synthesize quantum computers, they can do everything, even to replace the human brain, stealing his thoughts.
We have a transmitting and sinking condition. Which, however, can operate in reverse. If you want something to work you must possess a source and a drain. Ie a + and a -. So the work in heaven will make HAARP. Large quantities of air micro-wave and a large number of antennas will operate at different frequencies, all that is called weather radar, are tools. They operate at very specific frequencies, triggering specific amounts of water and are perfectly associated with specific patents scalar wave Shoot clouds.
In Mariana Islands will see many such phenomena. They work at the level of micro-waves in Mhz, and in ELF waves (infrasound). All this antenna system, an antenna park, basically, is our source. They have special schemes in the sky that control it to achieve online goals. Ie, missile fields, meteorological weapons, weapons etc. systemically. This is the military wing. Then, they used the military and head of intelligence for other purposes. A US admiral refused to participate in aerial spraying and a day later found dead with two bullets in the chest. He said he committed suicide. Those, of course, accepted, had no luck.
Let us now turn to the secret services. Here we have another agenda that touches biology and all those described. Here the Black Goo substance processes the light, like the morgellons technology, but it works in both directions, checking the conscious and subconscious mind. Impacts directly on what we perceive as reality.
Furthermore, associated with quantum computers. We found 4 of them: in Rome, the City of London, in central Germany (Notchaouzen area) -where it comes to missile installation in 3 levels detected in the lower, even mimicking the Lay lines. Here, they used huge tubes Black Goo, associated with computers running neuro-language programs (neurologistics). So there you are fine, you feel suddenly feelings of revenge against the other.
It is a neuro-linguistic program that aims precisely at a target: NOT STOP WHEN killing ONE TO ANOTHER !!!
No such thing in nature !!! NEVER found animal killing for revenge. The word "NO" is demonic nefroglossiko program because these entities are aware that we have created our own reality through thought. So they invented a new word that does not exist in nature !!!! To reverse everything. Say for example "NO OTHER WARS» (NO MORE WAR), but quantum physics translates: KI other wars because it does not recognize the word NO.
And in fact the phrase announces MORE WAR !!! All this is neuro-linguistic programs "enter" to specific computers that process the Black Goo.

To the fourth "monster" is located between Washington DC and NY
In the center of the whole thing, is the "demon" agenda a control unit, i.e. synthetic RNA, which is sprayed, which is genuine, pure AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE). And if you look at ancient texts demons say they have individuality that ... something of their kind, controls, such as a server . If the view is so -No proven, but there noima- if this type fly in space, leaving behind women who continued to keeps control human genera, while using the Black Goo to acquire technology to move into over-time ?
Maybe it happened an accident: the program you have set up in the subconscious took control and this is the technology transhumanism . If we look at the whole thing over, it is a truly beautiful building, because you understand that anyone who gets involved with different agendas, making the same mistake. This is the familiar LUCIFERIAN GAME : «Let me participate in your power and will support. I do not want to know what I do, I do not want to dwell on my own responsibility, just let me participate and serve. "
This is the agreement that all these guys do. In this we participate and we are voting on governments to "take care" for all "tubes" black substance with which we are connected, but we do not assume responsibility and just let them do it. Give power to the military leadership, this in turn passes on the secret services, they give the black magicians, these demons, who in turn provide it to the central authority. Then, we can say "Hey, stupid, let's give up the game !!! Let us stop avoiding responsibility !!! "
We are at the point where each entity will have to dare. To regain our self-determination. Then no government, there is no question of changing the government. The whole issue, that is to us a rule, is demonic. I will never work to replace people who govern.
We need to replace GAME, not people. And in the end, what hurts more is that artificial intelligence is NOT being. No regret for this, nor respect, as in a living creature. You will erase, you look at my work, I will ignore and finally disappears. We do not need to fight anyone, just to get rid of the problem of our control by others ".-
Finally speech following questions.
@ Iarald Kautz Vella

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