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Monday, February 19, 2007


This article pictures a return of terrorism to North Africa in a clear way. It happened that it shows the interference and involvement of USA in the political affairs of this African territory.
This kind of policy forms a factor of instability and failure of the development and growth of economy of the Northern Mediterranean countries taking into consideration the consequences and negative effects on the social side and living there.
In the meantime, we find the European peaceful policy and economical aids are supporting and working to give an advance and a rise to the biotic level in these countries.
Actually, these vital, practical, energetic and multicultural plans, ways and directions encourage and help for establishment and development of democracy, security, justice, progress and prosperity in addition to the freedom of the spiritual beliefs, thoughts and legal activities in Europe and the other territories and regions.
Let us note that almost 10% of the origin of the European inhabitants is descendant of Islamic Mediterranean Sea countries who are living calmly and normally, and working hardly for supporting their families in their first countries.
We would say that; such a catastrophic movement is inconvenient and unjust according to what is understood of the meant article. It does not serve the human values, aims and benefits as it is planned and worked. Meanwhile, its base and roots are built on doubts and imaginations.





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